What are public insurance adjuster

A Public Adjuster is an expert on loss adjustments who can be retained to assist you in preparing, filing and substantiating your insurance claims. Public Adjusters work for the insured, not the insurance company. Each state in New England, and most other states, license Public Adjusters.

What kinds of claims do public adjusters deal with?

A Public Adjuster will adjust virtually any property damage claim such as fire, windstorm, flood, explosion, ice damage or other insured losses such as inland marine, business interruption, rental income, improvements and betterments, and additional expense.

Why not use the insurance company's adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the insurance company that employs them. The insured can protect his or her interest by retaining an accredited Public Adjuster. Public Adjusters, with their expertise and knowledge, present a more comprehensive claim on behalf of the insured, obtaining a better settlement than the insured would be able to achieve by himself/herself.

Will I receive a better settlement through a public adjuster?

Yes, because a public adjuster quickly obtains and evaluates all the facts to prepare your claim. A public adjusters vigilant and prompt service often preserve evidence that may otherwise be destroyed. The more thorough and complete the claim, the faster the accredited public adjuster can get it settled.

Who normally retains a public adjuster?

Any and all professionals including business owners and the general public. Once an insured has witnessed the skill and knowledge of a public adjuster, he or she rarely will attempt to settle an insurance claim without a public adjuster’s specialized assistance.

How much do public adjusters charge for their services?

A public insurance adjuster charges a small percentage of what they obtain on your behalf from the insurance settlement. Usually, their services will save you the cost of their fee, at the very least. No up front fees are ever charged to the policy holder. The public adjuster supplies expert estimates, inventories, and even engineers reports if necessary, and only collects a fee after you receive your settlement.

Will we be informed and involved in the claim process?

Public Adjusters are available 24/7 to answer questions. PAs keep clients updated on the claims process in its entiretly.

Will my agent or adjuster be angry that I hired a public adjuster?

NO! Insurance adjusters know the value of a professionally prepared claim; it makes their job easier. Agents and brokers know the value of our services and regularly refer us to their most valued customers. We encourage you to take your time when considering a PA.

Why can’t I rely on my Insurance Agent to handle my claim?

An insurance agent or broker is a representative of the insurance company. They’re not generally trained in the preparation and resolution of a claim.

Why not simply submit a contractor’s estimate?

Contractors are usually not insurance experts and policy issues are not usually considered in their bids. Their bids are often low and inadequate for replacement costs because they are trying to remain competitive. Contractors often don’t replace everything that should be allowed under the policy at the comparable quality.

Insurance companies have a professional team on their side, you can maximize your settlement by hiring professional as well!
Insurance Claims Handle

• Fire damage

• Smoke damage

• Water damage

• Wind and hail

• Tornadoes and hurricanes

• Lightning damage

• Falling trees

• Falling objects

• Roof leaks