How We Work

The public adjuster has been around for over 100 years, however most people don’t know who we are or what we do.

We are licensed professionals who represent the interest of you the insured in the preparation, presentation, and negotiation of insurance claims.

Don’t confuse the “company” or “independent” adjusters, who do work for your insurance company, with us, a public adjuster. We, American Property Adjusters work exclusively on behalf of you, the insurance policyholder. We stay with you throughout every aspect of your claim process.

We will measure, inventory, photo, and document the complete scope of your loss. During the claims process we will take a physical inventory, obtain all relevant appraisals and ensure that all the provisions of your insurance policy are satisfied.

We are the Damage Specialist: Fire – Smoke – Flood – Water – Wind – Ice – Freezing – Collapse – Vandalism

Details of what we do...
  • We file your insurance claim
  • We assist you, your family and even your pets in finding accommodations
  • We expedite your request for an advance for needed living expense money
  • We manage your property and contact a licensed, insured and reputable restoration contractor to immediately secure your property
  • We immediately begin to secure your salvageable possessions
  • We prepare a detailed list of your non salvageable property with values for your damaged contents
  • We settle your claim and help you obtain the best financial results